Connect a data source

To start building your application, you need to connect a data source to it. If you haven't previously connected a data source, you'll need to create a new one. However, since the data sources are reusable across your applications, you can also choose a previously connected data source, if there are any.

To connect a new data source, click and goto the Data Sources page from navigation menu

Select your data source type. Enter a data source name to identify it within your app. Add data source configuration details: these can be a list of credentials, an API URL, a link to a Google Sheet, and more depending on a particular data source.

When done, click Test connection to check whether the configuration is correct.

Flowfy doesn’t store your data. We only keep the encrypted credentials to access a data source.

If you have previously connected a data source, it will already be available in the list of the data sources, so you can start using it right away.

Now you can use in visual designer.

For HTTP data source, “Test connection” doesn't really test the connection. It's used to check the URL correctness.

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